Apr 7 2014

Sitar at Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties


***Prosad is no longer based in Toronto***

Prosad has been on tour internationally for the last five years.  As a result, he is no longer based in Toronto.

He will be available for performances if clients are able to cover flights and travel costs from Western Canada.

After more than seven years of performing in Toronto, it is time for Prosad to move on new places and new projects.

If you would like to keep in touch with Prosad, find out more about his concerts and get free music, we invite you to join his newsletter here:


Thank you and best wishes with your wedding or event!


Sitar Performance

We specialize in performing sitar at weddings, corporate events and private parties.  Traditional classical sitar will add a touch of elegance to your dinner or cocktail hour.  More modern, “fusion” sitar, will enthrall and engage your guests as they experience exotic ragas mixed with the excitement of modern beats. Performances range from solo sitar,  sitar and tabla, to a full band.  We have seven years of experience playing at weddings and events.  We bring our own sound system. We are available to travel outside of Toronto and we can customize our performance to suit your specific needs.

(Please see the music page for more audio and video samples)

Here is what one client recently said about our services:

Safdar and Sarah Khan

“We recently had a pleasure of booking Prosad for our wedding reception. Our guests were a mix of older South Asians (who obviously had a deeper understanding and appreciation of Classical Sitar then us) and our friends/colleagues (who we wanted to treat to something different and exotic, yet classy), thus we were understandably nervous about our musical arrangements. Booking Prosad and his tabla accompaniment was probably our best decision of the night! The music was flawless and very moving and left an indelible impression with practically all of our 200+ guests! Sarah and I lost track of how many compliments we received on the ambience created by Prosad and the overall intimacy he was able to create with a few simple instruments. My father-in-law loved the music so much so he bought one of Prosad’s CDs on the spot!

I would thoroughly and unequivocally recommend him to any wedding party who would like to create an aura of mystery, intimacy and “something different” at their reception! His overall professionalism, client service and responsiveness were also very appreciated and the both Sarah and I look forward to booking him for future parties/events/etc. that need that added touch!”

Listen to Samples of Classical Sitar:

Listen to a Sample of Fusion Sitar:

Photo by Renaissance Images

Photo by Renaissance Images

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