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Prosad’s first sitar teacher was Shambhu Das Ji, a life long student of Pandit Ravi Shankar.  It was a special experience to study with Shambhu Das as he had taught sitar to George Harrison while the Beatles were in India in the late 1960’s.  Prosad later went on to study classical sitar with the great sitarist, Ustad Irshad Khan.  Mr. Khan’s lineage is known as the “Imdad Khani Etawa Gharana,” and dates back 400 years.  Ustad Ji’s ancestors played for the ancient kings of India and are credited with pioneering the modern style of sitar playing accepted widely today.  Currently, Prosad is studying sitar from spiritual master teacher, Mr. Tulshi Sen.  Learning music from Mr. Sen has helped to sublimate Prosad’s musical training and awaken him to the spiritual power of music, giving him insight into the ways that music can be used for healing and spiritual growth.

Prosad has performed widely in Canada as well as in Byron Bay, Australia. He has shared the stage with internationally acclaimed musicians in the Toronto-Indo-Jazz Festival and performed at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. In 2007 Prosad was the guest soloist in the North American Debut of “Legend of Sangeet” for Brass Orchestra and Sitar. In 2008 Prosad performed for His Royal Highness Prince Edward, of the British Realms.  In the same year his song, Byron Bay, was featured in the Hollywood movie, The Love Guru, starring the talented Mike Myers.  In 2009 he was featured at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia with nearly 20,000 people in attendance.  Prosad has performed extensively around Toronto, toured Western and Eastern Canada and has been featured numerous times as the headlining artist at the “Buddha Groove”.  Prosad has independently released and promoted three CDs of original music.



Gautam and Joanna Khanna:

“We hired Prosad to play Sitar at our wedding reception in April of 2008. My husband is East Indian and I am Jewish, and we really wanted to have some elements of both traditions in the evening. Prosad played as the guests arrived and added a peaceful element to the reception. He did not bring a tabla player, but used a recording instead, and it was very well done. He was so good that the Indian mothers were still talking about him afterwards! Beyond Prosad’s talent, was his attention to details, such as time and attire, which were appreciated by us all on this busy day.”

“We would love to have him come and play again in the future and recommend him to anyone who is looking for something extra and authentic to add to their celebration.”

Arun Pal:

“I have been working and touring as an established full-time musician for the past 15 years and have met many different artists so I know music and art. It always amazes me how some artists just have this ‘sound’. They have this ability to create something unique and express their gift for art through that sound. Prosad is an example of one of those musicians. For the longest time my girlfriend and I had been curious about this artist ‘Prosad’. After hearing his music via websites and youtube we had hoped to see him perform but the timing never work out. So we did the most logical thing, we got married and hired him to play our wedding! Everyone who attended our special day could not believe the incredible blend of great World music, great sound, great energy and musicianship. All our guests were walking around with their newly purchased Prosad CDs!”

“My wife and I are incredibly grateful to this beautiful artist for making the most important day of our lives more memorable than we could have ever imagined.”

Amna Hakim Photography:

“I recently attended a wedding reception in Toronto at the Pearson Convention Center.
…what really blew me away was the ambiance created by the musicians that night. As we entered the hall everyone commented on the music and how ‘real or live’ it sounded even though the DJ was playing it…but as we approached the stage we received a wonderful surprise. The Bride and Groom had arranged a special treat for all their guests – They had live classical music…but this wasn’t just any ordinary live background music…these were Traditional Indian Musicians playing the Tabla and the Sitar. We had the fortune of enjoying the night with Prosad and his Tabla companion’s beautiful music.”

“All night long everyone kept complementing the wonderful tunes of the Sitar and Tabla – …Prosad was extremely humble and sincere…
…So anyone out there looking for some musicians for your weddings, you know who to call! You will have nothing but good things to say after!”


Scott Friedmann of Idea Couture:

“Prosad played at our company’s holiday party this past year. We are an innovation agency and wanted music that blended eastern classical music (the sitar) with modern beats and sensibility. Prosad delivered on all fronts with music that melded to the moment. At times upbeat and rhythmic, at others sensually hypnotizing, his sound is a unique fusion.”

- Scott Friedmann

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